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Entry by Tomizo

26.6 The time of my birthday has come!

Today I started the day with a visit, which came already when I was sleeping. Some mosquitoes wake me up already at 4 am, my leg was itchy and they kept buzzing in my ear.

So after such a happy morning, and after rehearsal, I went to get some cake under the rain, but there was no cake to be found in 4 or 5 hotels, convenience stores or supermarkets in the surroundings,

So I finally bought a Waffle.

And I got some Argining-Zinc for the looks! A present from Joony.

Anyway, Thank you to everyone who has sent me messages etc. I’m blessed to know so many people (mosquitoes included). I’m a happy man and very grateful (but not for the mosquitoes).

But today more important as my birthday is that it is Friday! Good night everyone!


Ryuta Tomita

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