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Entry by Yusuke

I purchased a stretch Pole. I bought it in a store at the Gym’s neighbourhood and still I asked if there was a Special Bag for it. But the answer was, “Oh, The neighbourhood is OK”. So I suffered and carried it like that until home.

I grew up in a small town, where the school is on a rice field in a farm surrounded by vineyards and Trees along the road. When I walk home from school, and a branch fell from a Tree, I used to pick it up and walk with it like a character of a Shounen Manga carrying a sword and ready to face the enemy bravely in any moment. Now walking carrying this stretch Pole 25 years later, reminded me of those brave days.

When I arrived home I spread the instructions, and saw something through my head, carefully portraited. I was amazed.

“The correct Use of the Stretch Pole”.

This was not a strange delusion.

Yusuke Morisawa.

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