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Entry by Joony

Today's training is the front lever & AirWalk.

First of all the front lever. It is harder than it looks. A full suspension if possible, with much effectiveness for the latissimus dorsi and teres major muscles. (* _ *) Then walk to tense the abdominal muscles.


People who want to do the front Lever and AirWalk, need to make the suspension 20 Times (wide stance, then hands, full range, no recoil) before trying it..

I’m introducing this time a training with no meaning for most people, I am Sorry. (´; ω; ')

However is how I wanted to reply to the comments of the AirWalk Videos on Twitter.

In other words: Comrades wanted! Not many people in Japan is doing this kind of training. (´-_-')

Fight !


To the Arms !

OK, Calm down.

After dinner, I went to a Luggage Store.

A Mr. Cat ( >_< )? I was delighted, the happy hormone Oxytocine was overflowing.

Why can animals heal people so much? I don’t know, but it is important to just cherish life.

No more Destroy.


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