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Entry by Aki

Good Morning / (´ ▽ '-) Now in July.

This was an exciting and warm Week. The week of the Fan Tour, Thank you very much to everyone.

Two days was a short time, and as usual, starting with nervousness but ending with warm feelings.

And afterwards when I’m on my own again, a certain emptiness remains. I have your smiles in my mind, of all the big, big fans who came. It was a very nice time, thank you.

I’m sorry, if I was not talking very much, and my feelings were not transmitted, I’m rather used to write them. But again, for your warm smiles, I thank you.

And for those who could not participate, I’m looking forward to an opportunity to meet you.

Somehow empty... ('. `●)

Another invariable week

“Jiiji’s week Diary”


The last Monday in June starts with good weather.

An emergency rehearsal early in the week. I wonder what else awaits.

The sky is bright and calm.

To the new week, let’s live it.


The sky is cloudy today. I was helping as an assistant teacher in an emergency rehearsal. It didn’t rain. Bought something I used to get in the candy store when I was a child. You eat it with salami and I hadn’t eaten it in long time. Delicious and simple.


July started today, and the day was added a Second (leap Second).

So this year has 365 days and one second. It was a nice second, and it rained the whole day.


The work was suddenly postponed and I was pounding a little further.

It was raining in the morning, maybe it will be getting hotter in the afternoon?


A terrible, terrible downpour this morning (¯ 0 ¯-;) The house which is just steps away was drenched, and there were giant puddles on the road, shoes were getting wet, and an umbrella didn’t make any sense today.

Went to rehearsal and came back home under the rain.

Tomorrow is the Fan Tour... nervous.


I woke up at 1:30 a.m. because I was nervous. I’m excited but also nervous and I couldn’t go back to sleep.

I took the train early in the morning after no sleep, then the bus. The early time at dawn was great. At the Art Museum we have a very nice and relaxed time. As we came to the hotel the schedule was tightly determined, and had no time to talk calmly.

Then on the evening, it rained at the time of the Show! Thank you all for your warm words.

The first day, my speech... it was too short... I always think 3...2...1... and then I’m not able to speak after at least 2 Minutes. I’m sorry.

Tomorrow the Athletic meeting, I’m searching for tips before going to bed, as you noticed.

I wake up after 3 or 4 hours of sleep. Aha... to be continued.


After waking up I have the image of the emergency training production.

The red Team seems to be leader. We became one in almost every competition and I was lucky. Really well this year, we were the best Team. Banzai red Team!

UPDATE: Thank you very much for the BBQ.

All the teams fought and everyone had a smile... it was lovely. Congratulations to all Teams. ('∇ `●) /

Tomorrow when I’ll be alone and empty, the muscle pain will remind me of this nice time and will give me power for the next week. I won’t forget your smiles.

And finally, the Space Theater Troupe successfully let the curtain down (in a chaotic climate) after performing for the first time. With my fellow performers, it was cheers for good work, Thank you.

I think it was good.

Some fans came to see us or sent us flowers, I think you really helped us performers. I really, really loved it, you are truly big fans. Thank you very much.

It was a week of good work for everyone

New moon, the first Monday of the new month, I hope you will have a steady, calm week, with warm feelings, and a gentle breeze blowing through your hearts and minds.

You’ll be fine.

The winds are good in the next week, let’s live it!

Have a nice Day

Akihiro Takahashi

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