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Entry by Aki

Good Morning / (´ ▽ '-) Now in July.

This was an exciting and warm Week. The week of the Fan Tour, Thank you very much to everyone.

Two days was a short time, and as usual, starting with nervousness but ending with warm feelings.

And afterwards when I’m on my own again, a certain emptiness remains. I have your smiles in my mind, of all the big, big fans who came. It was a very nice time, thank you.

I’m sorry, if I was not talking very much, and my feelings were not transmitted, I’m rather used to write them. But again, for your warm smiles, I thank you.

And for those who could not participate, I’m looking forward to an opportunity to meet you.

Somehow empty... ('. `●)

Another invariable week

“Jiiji’s week Diary”



The last Monday in June starts with good weather.

An emergency rehearsal early in the week. I wonder what else awaits.

The sky is bright and calm.

To the new week, let’s live it.



The sky is cloudy today. I was helping as an assistant teacher in an emergency rehearsal. It didn’t rain. Bought something I used to get in the candy store when I was a child. You eat it with salami and I hadn’t eaten it in long time. Delicious and simple.



July started today, and the day was added a Second (leap Second).

So this year has 365 days and one second. It was a nice second, and it rained the whole day.



The work was suddenly postponed and I was pounding a little further.

It was raining in the morning, maybe it will be getting hotter in the afternoon?