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Entry by Ucchy

The “morning glory” is in full bloom. It was a mix of various plants, so it didn’t grow much, but the flower managed to open.

I did my best.

On the other hand, Jeez, I have one stretching until the ceiling. This one, has flowers opening daily towards the sun. I can’t see them easily from the front. If I was to give it a Title, it would be “Lovely lady twins meet in the summer Resort”. Would it be OK?

"So this is a Summer Resort for Ladies? Sorry Pal,. I’m male."

And I attended a Photo exhibition.

There were Pictures like this that caught my breath. Reminded me of the song Ryuichi Sakamoto made many years ago (although not related with the exhibition) “ZERO LANDMINE” which I’ve been listening to repeatedly.

To Yosui Inoue and “Two people can’t go home” from Kiyoshiro Iwamano, I’ve been listening repeatedly too.

Hayato Uchiyama

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