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I went to “Brown’s Field” in Isumi, Chiba Prefecture.

We were eating macrobiotic dishes made with pesticide-free vegetables and home-made seasonings. They try to produce less emissions and less burden the environment with less detergent flowing in the drains and into the nature circulation, diferent of which I knew from other locations.

I normally use soap and shampoo preferably with a lower detergent load but we still have some way to go.

I’m not eating Macrobiotic, but I like the idea of it., and I realized my diet was close to macrobiotic.

I like to think that Meat, Eggs or Fish as as much products of Nature as Vegetables and Soil. But they should remain “nature” with no intermission in the system, and if you look for, you can find it.

In this place I can empty my mind taking a deep breath.

And as we were close to Yorokeikoku, we spent plenty of time in the clear waters of the river.

Hayato Uchiyama.

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