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The enchanting Chocolate

Good Morning! ----->

The start of a new week. It was a week of good work. Last week of summer Holidays, I hope you could spend the summer with family and friends. And now there’s homework stress !! (° B °-)-"

There’still work to do for the rest of the hot summer.

“Jiiji and the enchanting Chocolate” (●'∇` ●)]


The week starts with heavy rain for the first time in a long time. It rained already in the morning and afterwards blue sky was peeping from behind the clouds and it gave a lovely weather.

The morning I was watching a Baseball match of my old HIghschool … “WOW WOW BE TOGETHER…, Our Alma Mater Up WOW WOW…” (° b °-)

I feel the WOW-WOW wind this week.


Rehearsal this morning. A crisp, sunny, summer morning. A cheerful rehearsal, and afterwards, burning on the way back home. I bought some more cucumbers. Lately my fingertips had turned green from the Cucumbers last week, now this week probably my whole body will turn green, I’ll grow a green carapace, Jiiji production… AHA.

And today some fluffy clouds appeared on the empty sky.


Today I had bean sprouts with pork and pepper after a long while…. It was spicy and delicious.

And the other day I saw the old apartment from the Bus… instead, a rickety structure appeared… seems it will break down… Sad scene (- _ - ●)


Rainy skies when I left… when I came back home with a vivid sky and crisp air… pleasant air.