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Nature Protection

In Tokyo, the rainy days continue and the temperatures are quite stable. Even the sound of the wind chimes feet cool on a hot day, and along with the sound of the crickets at night, make me feel the Autumn approaching.

Recently we had the opportunity of a Talk Session and I remembered an insider story from the shooting of MULTIPOLARITY. In the Hand reading scene, it was actually kind of a speed divination, we all 3 Members aligned were like “Yes! Me! Me! Me!” and further “yes, I like that but…” or “yes, it is exactly as you say!” .

ADMIN NOTE: This last paragraph might not be 100% accurate. I posted my own interpretation of the results got from the Online translators.

Well, at the Culture Festival I had the opportunity to introduce the Japan Forest Association.

It is an organization I joined because of conviction, and I’m glad I obtained some response.

I think it is important to raise awareness in people about this topic. It is hard in n everyday life, and we all are, to a certain extent, responsible for the destruction of nature, so I’d like to do even something small to protect it.

In this Nation where economics are the priority, it is nice to think the seeds of Nature Protection will one day grow and flourish.

Hayato Uchiyama.

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