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A rough week

Good Morning! ( in Many languages)

This past week, I returned from Singapore, the rainy days continued and the River in Ibaraki, overflew and caused horrible floods and huge damage. Then, starting the weekend, at dawn, a big Earthquake… a rough week it was.

I hope everyone in the Damage Region is OK. Seriously, everyone take care.

A week when we felt again the fury of Mother nature.

“Jiiji’s Week”


Arrived early morning from Singapore. To everyone who welcomed us, thank you.

Passsed by my brother’s to pass up the souvenirs. Back home early to do some washing. Swaying slowly the long day. TEMPURA KIDS and everyone else, was back home and on their feet. Great! ( ̄0  ̄ ●;)”

Will this week be like any week? Let’s live it.


Rehearsal today. We have rain since the morning, almost like a Typhoon, with a little cold and wind on your back. Arriving in Kawasaki the rain and wind were even stronger, so strong that an umbrella didn’t even make sense. The roof were flooded and I had to jump over several puddles. And still my shoes were drenched when I arrived home. (; ° b °-) Hyaa! It waa amazing.


Got a Picture from my Brother… Miu-chan and Ryo-chan wearing the I LOVE SINGAPORE T-shirt… ('∇ `●) It’s a good photo.

The shirts a little small, even though it was the right size on it… revenge of the I LOVE T-shirts.


Rehearsal Today. Weather is much better today and the sun is hot. Under the summer sky I could hear the cicadas, but the day and night temperature differences are gradually getting bigger. So please take care of your health.

I saw a beautiful orange sunset from the rooftop.

A warm weekend everyone.


5:40 am, a major earthquake.

I was awake although it was magnitude 4… I was surprised I even felt it…

This morning we were allowed to visit the Yokohama Jogakuin High School, as part of the DANCE DANCE DANCE Yokohama activities.

It’s a nice school built at a Hilltop. The powerful dance and the nice smiles struck my heart.

There was a lot of laughing, tears and sweat.. We will cheer you in future activities! Thank you for a wonderful time.


Spend the Sunday morning watching some Kamen Rider Black.

(segment talks about details of the show, not possible to translate with online resources, Sorry!)

The beginning of a new week.

I wish you all a steady week, with peaceful feelings and gentle winds blowing though your hearts and minds. You’ll be fine.

To the next week, let’s live it!

Have a nice Day.

Akihiro Takahashi

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