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Time for Harvest

I have been to the Harvest.

The Rice was almost collapsing because of the heavy rain last week. It was muddy and we got muddy feet, but the rice was growing healthy and I was delighted!

The Harvest of this year! (although there were just a few months).

Rice is hard to grow, so now that I was reaping it from the root, in order to eat it, I was sorry but I was reminded why I was doing this.

It is not only what we eat, but also things we wear and many things in daily life what we get from nature.

I would like to live in a world where you can watch the things you use grow. Unfortunately the current situation is that we are rather moving towards depletion and extinction. And although my experience has been limited to a year, I’m sure self-sufficiency could solve many social problems.

Mass production, Mass consumption, Mass Disposal and environmental destruction are not helping to solve problems. This society we live in, where we were able to end the war, but you must have lots of money, along with food safety, Japanese Law and low awareness, are cause of a variety of diseases.

This has not been resolved because we don’t do anything. Let’s do it! All 7,2 billion and not Zero!

I might sound a bit dramatic, but I feel that, at least theoretically, this little leap could be the last answer.

And besides, this method is much more fun.

Hayato Uchiyama

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