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Learning to fly

Today’s Training is : Trampoline.

I tried the Trampoline, like I use to do when I was a child and t was good. (^^)

But I didn’t know what I was working out until a day later, it was the Iliopsoas muscle. Why? For the balance of the core.

At first it was quite difficult to fly straight, because it was difficult to be Core-stable, I guess.

So I bounced until I was pretty sweaty (LOL). Then I was feeling more comfortable, and... I could fly.

I did a turn, like Comaneci.

And after that I did a double turn. It’s a blurry Picture (LOL)..

Working out on the trampoline was surprisingly, very interesting . But I had to stop in time before France, because I saw how somebody before me twisted his foot during a somersault.

But I surely want to try again in my spare time. (^^)

Training is fun and Healthy. (^^)


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