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At the threshing

I have been at the grain threshing. “The grain is ripe, large and firm” I was told by the organizers and I was very happy.

After the threshing, the straw will become nutrition in the future. It was plated on the rice fields and it was this work that I, surprisingly, found most enjoyable.

It will temporary be habitat for insects and frogs, and the picture of this becoming a prosperous, rich location floated in my eyes.

I was feeling somehow like Hanasaka Jiisan.

And now the Soy is getting more and more ripe.

The soybeans are also strong and it growing well.

Previously, I used to plant soybean on the banks of the Rice Field, for making Miso and Natto.

Because you can make Natto wrapped in straw, a Rice Field is a good combination.

There’s no choice as to do it yourself, because it is almost not sold anymore, fermented in a traditional way.

So, this has become a Rice Field report, but I had enjoyed doing these things I like for one year.

There was good people around and we were blessed with a good environment. Thank you very much.

We were also blessed, to be able to spend one rich day sowing our straw.

“Uh? Straw?”

“Yes! Pa~a~a~a~a! 'Gya~a~a! “(° B °)

Flowers are not blooming. Soil can bloom!

Hayato Uchiyama

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