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Jii-ji's week

Good Morning!

Good morning in many,

many languages.

Hi, here’s Robert De Niro smoked !! \(° b ° ●) (LOL)

Oh! It is Jii-ji (° b ° ●;)

This past week was again one of good work, and I felt the gentle breeze. I hope yours was good too.

“Jii-ji’s Week”


The beginning of the Silver Week. I’m going a bit out;

We have vivid skies, I wonder if it will be like this the rest of the week.


Today we have blue skies, and it is not too hot. It’s a crisp, pleasant and cheerful evening as I came back home.


Today again good weather and two flabby Aliens.

A beautiful moon shines through the bathroom’s window.


Today the sky turns cloudy during the Day.

Again two flabby Aliens…

In the evening, a blurry moon floating through the bathroom’s window.


It’s raining today… It was raining so hard, that going to work I had to leave the station in a hurry.

But I could make a little stroll on the way back home.


A cloudy weekend. At home, Ryo-chan and I fought with Star-Wars Light Sabers. Nii Nii was crushed in defeat. (Nii-Nii was using the Darth Maul’s Light Saber) Ryo-Chan used the new Lightsaber, the one to appear in the new Star Wars Film… Aha.


Today too, it’s cloudy. It seems likely to rain and the Pirate King lets a cry out …Woo !!

A vivid sky at dusk.

In the evening, the beautiful moon floats again in the sky.

A week of good work to everyone.

A new week begins, and a new month begins on Wednesday. In the last week of September and also in October, I wish you all a friendly, steady week, with warm feelings and gentle winds blowing through your heart. You’ll be fine.

To the new week, to the new Month… let’s live them!

(I don’t think I will be able to Update the Diary next week. I will do it as soon as I get back home.).

I thank you all, for your warm cheerings. I’m leaving with warm feelings.

Have a warm Week.

Akihiro Takahashi

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