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Paris and back home

Good morning!

Good Morning in many, many languages.

Buon giorno PARIS!!(゜∇゜●)/” Je suis arrive au Japon… Merci beaucoup!! I love Paris!! Salut!!

It was a really hectic and Busy week.

But even in that hectic, it was nice to find a nice moment, to feel the warm winds, and take back home as souvenir in the heart.

Following to Singapore, we continued this time around in Paris, France. It was a wonderful time, Thank you Paris.

This time the Diary only in Photos , I’m sorry.

“Jii-ji in Paris and back home”

Thanks to everyone to came to cheer us in Paris… and everyone who supported us from Japan, and who cheered us from foreign countries… really Thank you very much. We could feel the good winds in Paris.

And to all the staff, our fellow performers and all people involved in the shooting, Thank you very much.

And again this week, starting on Monday and going until the middle of the Week. But even this week is already half past, I wish you spend the rest of it with warm feelings and gentle winds. You’ll be fine.

To the second half of the week. Let’s live it. \ ('∇ `● \)"

Take care

Akihiro Takahashi

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