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With a smile into the next phase...

Good Moring in many, many Languages.

The beginning of a new Week. This past week was one of good work. It was warm and I could climb again to the rooftop in the evening after a long time. I was relieved. I hope you had a relaxing week too

<(_ _ ●)>

“Jii ji’s mild Week”


Good weather and strong sunlight today, an orange Dusk and a crescent moon. ('▽ `●)"

But somehow today while eating dinner, I bit my lower lip about 30 times on the same place…

(; ° Д ° ●) Painful… bleeding…

Jii jis’s lip got swollen… I wonder where did my brains go…

Our new MV, which we shot in France and Germany was released today. Please enjoy thoroughly.


Today, Ryo chan and I got some Candy at the Hardware Store… sold by weight (Cola gum, Choco gum). I also bought some accessories and got myself a Taiyaki.


Rattle- rattle of the sewing machine… / (¯ ▽ ¯ /-)

I had to change the back pocket of a pair of pants because it was too small for my wallet and it got stuck all the time.

I could spend some time at the rooftop at dusk. The orange sunset was beautiful.


Today after rehearsal, I baked in the oven the Taiyaki I got beofre yesterday. It blistered on the grill but didn’t burn….

(● ¯ ▽ ¯) Delicious!