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With a smile into the next phase...

Good Moring in many, many Languages.

The beginning of a new Week. This past week was one of good work. It was warm and I could climb again to the rooftop in the evening after a long time. I was relieved. I hope you had a relaxing week too

<(_ _ ●)>

“Jii ji’s mild Week”


Good weather and strong sunlight today, an orange Dusk and a crescent moon. ('▽ `●)"

But somehow today while eating dinner, I bit my lower lip about 30 times on the same place…

(; ° Д ° ●) Painful… bleeding…

Jii jis’s lip got swollen… I wonder where did my brains go…

Our new MV, which we shot in France and Germany was released today. Please enjoy thoroughly.


Today, Ryo chan and I got some Candy at the Hardware Store… sold by weight (Cola gum, Choco gum). I also bought some accessories and got myself a Taiyaki.


Rattle- rattle of the sewing machine… / (¯ ▽ ¯ /-)

I had to change the back pocket of a pair of pants because it was too small for my wallet and it got stuck all the time.

I could spend some time at the rooftop at dusk. The orange sunset was beautiful.


Today after rehearsal, I baked in the oven the Taiyaki I got beofre yesterday. It blistered on the grill but didn’t burn….

(● ¯ ▽ ¯) Delicious!


Today I was in TSUTAYA after a long, long time, to get a movie… it was quite full.

All in all a fascinating works.

WHIPLASH” was Amazing! I .

CHAPPIE” was cute!

Also Jii ji would like to do such things.

“JII JI-PPIE” [-¯ __ ¯]

And in the evening, I have Stir fried Pork with bean sprouts… repetitive Jii ji… ... (¯ ▽ ¯ ●;)


Today is also nice and Sunny. I watched “THE IMITATION GAME” it was a nice movie too. You can feel a different world, and things when there is no world anymore… Its fascinating. And it’s important to cherish how everyone is full of dreams and can be relieved by them.

A peaceful weekend everybody.


Today we have also good weather and Sunshine. I tried waving a sword (of course, not a genuine one). Cut a straight sword-style sound. But straight is good. (LOL) To live straight is great and I’m glad!

It was a week of good work for everyone. And our new MV has been released, and I hope you have been able to watch it.

Genki san, Maa-kun, Ucchy, Yusuke, Joony, Tomizo…

everyone invested hours of hard work to produce this Video.

In the Diary we have shown the smiles and the funny sections, but there have been also suffering parts.

I don’t consider myself “cool” but now, the esteem of this apprentice is increasing, and with eagerness, I’ll continue, like everyone else, fighting in daily life.**

As usual, for all your warm and helpful cheering voices, really, Thank you very much.

And now, we move into a new week, the last one in October.

I wish you all a calm, steady week, and hope you’ll be able to spend it with warm feelings and gentle winds blowing through your hearts and minds.

Wind is always blowing, to let us feel we are alive (° ∇ ° ●)

We won’t get tiny hearted, dauntless we’ll walk, with our heads up

We are not crushed, we say Ciao with a smile and not with tears.

To the new week, let’s live it!

Take care

Akihiro Takahashi.

** My own interpretation of Text. Translation probably inaccurate, Sorry! (Ani, Admin).

Translated with:

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