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A fluffy towel

It was our 2nd collaboration with SMAP. Did you enjoyed it?

Since there is a very short rehearsal time, I’ve been each time surprised with the results.

Also Mr. Goromaru was cool. Having to burden such big success lately.

The other day I went to the “Earth and Peace” Festival. Even the participants live very diverse Lives, I felt I also belong there.

Many or the people here are self-sufficient, independent of money, because nowadays it is possible, I feel. Even if there is still many different opinions, and the rate of self-sufficient people is still very low at a national level, it was actually common during the war, and it is getting strong again in some places.

And speaking about change, lately I bought a towel at IKEUCHI ORGANIC.

More than99% of all Cotton Fabrics around, are not organic cotton; usually, there are defoliants used on the harvest, or plants who have been genetically modified These crops will spread and mate arbitrarily, and the pesticide contaminated soil also stop the crops growth.

So I’ve decided to use this 100% Organic fabric, made in plants powered with wind energy, and committed to burden the environment as less as possible.

It’s expensive compared to ordinary Cotton Fabrics, of course (but not as high as if you were produce it yourself), but you don’t need a big number of them. Organic Cotton does not stress the skin.

And of course, back home there are Seniors who use pesticide-free cotton yarn, hand woven towels.

You can wipe your face with it using just water, no need of soap and would remove even Make-up..

But Make-up which can’t be removed like this, that’s what cosmetics are all about, isn't it?

There is no only bad guys using pesticides, but since their specific weight is so high, it’s good to try to have a balance where it’s possible.

It’s good to think, the money can be used in these things. Every Ideal is difficult, and it’s one’s choice to do it or not.

For me it is simple: Heart and Body feel good with a fluffy, soft Towel, hehehe.

Uchiyama Hayato.

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