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Fermentation, Decay, Economics, Hope...

Hazy memories from my childhood come back.

“Why is war not getting over?”

“Why is the environmental destruction not stopping?”

“Why is nothing done against hunger and poverty?”

The sad incident in the Media hurt us for some time, but with time we become unaware or they go forgotten. And the repetition of these incidents only end up with us distancing from them, thinking we are so far away and we can’t do anything against it anyway.

So this Book caught my eye one day.**

Looking back, think this book was which awoke in me the desire to know more. Facts, Speculation,

background mechanisms, industry and money movements.

Since a young age, children get used to shopping in their daily life, also myself. Sometimes you don’t look or don’t know but try to do what is right, although there are always a lot of Opinions.

But I thought, you can try to do more, try to see things objectively, and of course, you will always ask yourself if you do enough, but many things you won’t know until you try. There are many things you can do in daily life.

The talk has been long, but it continues (LOL). Here, the following.

Although the title might be shocking,** this book it is not about critic, it’s about hope.

The body is made of what we eat, the mind too.

Modern Diets have lost their inherent self-healing powers.

This book plays in the Nagano, in the former Town of Sanada, and the story is about the Diet was changed from Meat to Fish and vegetables, mostly organic and pesticide free, and how delinquency was almost eliminated, and the academic achievement improved.

You heard the story that I changed to organic food with IKEUCHI ORGANIC.

Pollution is very present in Agriculture too. It may be hazardous for the health and consequently, rises medical expenses in the country. Japan has loose regulations regarding pesticides and food additives and they have even been loosen up again this year. We have chosen rather a low cost, efficient farming just for the sake of a good appearance. The consumer doesn’t want to spend much money in food nowadays and this brings us other issues.

It all sounds very bad, I know, but knowledge is just the beginning. As long as we don’t give up, and keep connected with the thoughts of our ancestors, there is still hope that the dumping will cease.

And here’s another great book.

Fermentation or decay?

To pursue Profit, which has been lost long ago, some rural areas started the addition of Alcohol to Sake, during the post-war time. It is an issue that we have in common with many other parts of the world. It’s not a book about Sake, it is more about a way life. That said, while reading I wanted to drink a 100% milled brown rice Sake of “Musuhi” Sort.

The Bowel bacteria get happily activated and it’s the best medicine. Thank you for the good Bacteria.

Hayato Uchiyama


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