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Encounters in the Gym

If you do good things, it's only you, who is admired, But if you do bad things, you and even people around you give a bad impression to the world, I feel like that.

It happened when I was doing weight training in the gym the other day. When I lift weights and get pumped up, I cannot keep myself from shouting. That day, I was working out with weight, shouting out louder than usual because less people were there.


Standing in front of a mirror, I checked my form and gave a quick glance at my face. It’s a really funny and furious face I made while lifting, which cannot to be shown to others. Then, one middle-aged foreign man laughed heartily to see me in the mirror and I smiled at him. He approached me. Having a chat for a while, he seems like a kindhearted man. While talking about training and other topics, I asked where he came from. He hesitantly answered he's from Iran.

I never prejudiced him, but for him, it may be an awkward question. It was two weeks ago when I talked to him. I guess he feels smaller after a series of terrorist attacks now. Next time I see him, I will talk to him with a smile.


Yusuke Morisawa

Kindly translated by: Kazumi (Thanks a lot !)

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