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A strained Back...

Good Morning in many, many languages.

Good morning..

A brand new week has begun. Last week was also a week of hard work.

.。I think your weekend, and your week was filled with as much warm feelings as possible.

Jiji strained his back last sunday !! (|| ゜Д゜)!!

hate it... I really hate it...

Everyone, please take good care of your body...

"Jiiji with a strained back`s Week..."



(2nd day) in the midst

with a strained back...((´△ `●;))”

I havent had it for quite

some time...

it has been a while...

I'm really turning to an old man


In the morning, I woke up

laying on my side

the moment i extended and

stretched both my arms up...

PIKIN ! (onomatopoeia of

something broken) \( ° Д ° ○;)/”


Strained back(3rd day) ((´△ `○;)

I had a hard time turning over

in my sleep, but im not

gonna get beaten by it

I will move today (゜へ゜●)

I walked around for 2 and a half


I had to act normal when I

went out... Pikin Pikin

(onomatopoeia of pain)

Pain makes me weak..

I tried to act normally

but it made me all in sweat

Damn it... but I wont lose to it.

I went to the bookstore and the Jose Mujica's book had arrived.

There was also picture book,

but decided to chose this only.

It was good (´▽`●)゛


Into my 4th day of strained back

( ゜Д゜●)

hmm... Just when I thought

I was getting a little better...

Pikin (´△ ` ●)

From my waist

up to my backbone,

Pikin... Hmm

I was trying to be careful

with my waist when i slept

And i think i slept

in a awkward position

I want to get well soon...

mmmmm (/´△` \)”