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A strained Back...

Good Morning in many, many languages.

Good morning..

A brand new week has begun. Last week was also a week of hard work.

.。I think your weekend, and your week was filled with as much warm feelings as possible.

Jiji strained his back last sunday !! (|| ゜Д゜)!!

hate it... I really hate it...

Everyone, please take good care of your body...

"Jiiji with a strained back`s Week..."



(2nd day) in the midst

with a strained back...((´△ `●;))”

I havent had it for quite

some time...

it has been a while...

I'm really turning to an old man


In the morning, I woke up

laying on my side

the moment i extended and

stretched both my arms up...

PIKIN ! (onomatopoeia of

something broken) \( ° Д ° ○;)/”


Strained back(3rd day) ((´△ `○;)

I had a hard time turning over

in my sleep, but im not

gonna get beaten by it

I will move today (゜へ゜●)

I walked around for 2 and a half


I had to act normal when I

went out... Pikin Pikin

(onomatopoeia of pain)

Pain makes me weak..

I tried to act normally

but it made me all in sweat

Damn it... but I wont lose to it.

I went to the bookstore and the Jose Mujica's book had arrived.

There was also picture book,

but decided to chose this only.

It was good (´▽`●)゛


Into my 4th day of strained back

( ゜Д゜●)

hmm... Just when I thought

I was getting a little better...

Pikin (´△ ` ●)

From my waist

up to my backbone,

Pikin... Hmm

I was trying to be careful

with my waist when i slept

And i think i slept

in a awkward position

I want to get well soon...

mmmmm (/´△` \)”


Strained back(5th day),

Thursday rehearsal day.

It was good weather today.

On my way back, I walked,

taking it as a rehabilitation

at the same time.

Made a detour back home

I was walking in a joyous relax


On the way, I met a fluffy

looking cat with silver fur.

When I had my camera

on the cat... It sat down

and turned around to look at me.

A small encounter during



Strained back (6th day)

Morning of faintly light blue

peeking from a rift in the clouds.

The afternoon was sprinkled

with rain.

The sky was covered by a wall

of white clouds for the whole


In a flower pot, a small forest, There were many umbrellas of

3-leaf clover

If you look clearly Inside the pot

a small cute world

is spreading its way out...


Saturday with wide

spreading sky.

Today feels really comfortable

with blue sky and cloud.

Strained back (7th day)

I didnt feel much pikin (pain),

but I feel that my back

is still weak...

but its time to get back

in action!!

Today`s sunset sky was also

in vivid colors...

It has been sometime since

I saw the moon from

my bathroom's window



I thought, I maybe won't get

to see the moon today...

the vaguely misty

mysterious moon

was also floating

in the sky today.

Strained back (8th day)

I still feel a little scared

But its fine already!!

Today, the air for the whole day

was cold.

(Radish, spring onion, tofu,

miso soup)

(Stir fried green pepper,


My Sunday felt warm and fluffy

from my inner body.

I wonder how next week is going to be like.

You guys have worked hard

for the week.

Start of a brand new week. Everyone`s brand new week

I hope that everyday, every moment of your week, is spent warm and peacefully.

I hope that gentle wind will blow around the world

Dont worry. It will be fine.

The wind is blowing

Let`s feel it...(●´▽`)”

Lets live!!ヾ(゜0゜●)

I hope the world will be filled with warm smile little by little

Dont selfishly lose yourself to the wrong voices

With a warm heart, treasure the one and only life...

Let the children shed no sad tears

Please let this friendly world be full of freedom and warm smiles...

Set off to a brand new week

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

Kindly Translated by: Ray Y. (Thanks a lot!)

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