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Mental Training

Today's training is a day off…

After work, I walked by Tokyo station. Looking at the Illumination makes me wish for winter.

In Sapporo it was snowing recently. It’s quite a Winter in the North. (· ω ·)

And Joony caught for the first time a Gastroenteritis.

It’s hell (LOL). Even eating or drinking water is painful. And following the recommended Diet is distressful. I can’t eat what I want. For a few days I can eat just cooked Udon and Porridge…

Oh, I want to eat Ramen! And Curry! A whole Pot! ! (LOL) But I was told, even if you heal all of a sudden, it’s dangerous not to acclimatize the stomach slowly. I’ll think positive and use it as mental training. (LOL) Training is fun and healthy. (^^) .

And by the way, I have to go easy with the Training, on Doctor’s orders. (LOL)

The Norovirus is starting to appear. Please beware and take care of your health everyone ! !



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