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MOFU protects Paris

Good morning in many, many Languages.

Good morning.

Its a start of a new week.

Today, Monday, marks the end of November.

Its going to be a start of a new month, and a start of the last month of 2015.

The air turns even colder

Morning and night, the air feels so cold that I thought I was going to freeze.

Everyone, please take good care of your body.

As for me, thanks to you guys, my strained back has recovered.

Thank you so much.

How was your last week like...?

Gentle and warm heart

I hope it has been a week that made you feel kindness,

【MOFU Protects Paris Woof (´т`●∪)”】


Kind-hearted, super large sized, body size 1200m


MOFU Eiffel Tower

A day of cloudy cold sky

It rained at night

miso soup with bread, keeps me warm... woof


【MOFU "I want to pass under the Arc-de-Triomphe woof..."】

It was good weather today

Orange sunset with vibrant night moon

Instant miso ramen for

40 yen ( ; ●゜Д゜)

buy buy!!


【MOFU To Louvre…I was impressed... woof】

Today was a day of cold rain

I guess you guys could get yourself out of your blanket

Please keep warm