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The adventures of MARSH

Good Morning in many, many languages.

Good morningヾ(゜0゜●)“

We are finally in the month of December...

and at the same time, it has turned even colder...

I'm still bearing the cold using my heating carpet...

Maybe it is time to take out heater...

Everyone please stay warm.

So, how was your week?

It would be good if you had a calm serene week as always.

【Fox Cat MARSH rolling over and over】

[Fox Cat Marshmallow MARSH]


※Hobby/Rolling around

※Fav food/Sweet food, potato, coffee

※Mostly friends with those that look badass, born and grew up as a Nekojima,

Just kidding... nyapa (≡´ ω `≡●)”


[MARSH I wanna eat full moon side-up…]

The moon up above Tokyo Station on a sunday night

In my frying pan, i have a nice round full moon too.

The burnt part looks just like a moon...


[ I wanna drink MARSH coffee...]

Blue sky that marks good weather

light blue sky reflects in the coffee


[MARSH slurps coffee…hottttt…]

White cloudy sky

Air feels cold...

had a coffee to warm myself and set off.

The leaves from the trees on the street fall, seems cold...


[ MARSH wants to eat potato…]

Today, i set off in the rain.

The rain stopped when it was time to leave

But the air feels cold...

Today I bought 2 potatoes and went home.

Should I have this potatoes as I lie with MARSH on the carpet...


[MARSH licks fried dough cookies…Sweeeeet]

Not only the air was cold today,

the wind blew strongly

Maybe it was because the air was cold... the sky was full of stars

they were working hard to present their brightest shine.



Today, the strong wind from yesterday has stopped

Even though the air is still chilly

With warm cap and tops, i was feeling fluffy warm.

The orange sun sets so early...

But the stars are shining to their fullest...


[MARSH…I have seen MOFU …]

I couldn't get out of my bed this morning too

Morning and night, my breath ist white

( ○ ゜α゜)~Foo

my fingers and toes seems like they'ree going to freeze.

Adam Sandler

Steve Buscemi

Dustin Hoffman

It was a good movie...

Everyone (I've said this many times), please keep yourself warm

By the way

You guys have worked hard for the week.

It's the beginning of a brand new week

Everyday, the air feels so cold and chilly

I hope everyone spends their everyday and moment of the week feeling unchangeable tranquil, warm and gentle.

I hope the gentle wind warms your cold body for me..

Everything will be fine, Dont worry.

The wind blew, hey let's feel it...

lets live!!ヾ(●´∇`ヾ)゛

【I hope warm gentle loops of smiles will spread widely around the world】

Off to the new week

(高橋 昭博)

Akihiro Takahashi

Kindly translated by Ray Y. (Thanks a lot!)

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