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It seems like a long time that I wrote on Friday.

And Speaking of Fridays, it’s the day before a day off for many people. In other words, we can drink. Looking at it, the word Friday, was born in ancient times, and use to mean Flower. But it’s a word which is still used even now.

And, we can drink.

In English speaking countries, they Thank God for the following day off, referred to as “Thank God is Friday”. I use this phrase too as ‘TGIF’.

In other words, Friday is the day to drink. Drinking day! And when it comes to drinking, I’m usually in the High Ball faction. But recently I’ve been hooked on…

This beer…

Smells good!

It’s sad, that it’s not quite well sold, so please try it if you feel like having a drink and you see it somewhere. That’s what I wanted to say in this Diary.

So then, a nice weekend everyone.



Ryuta Tomita

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