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One Year Online !

With the launching of WORLD ORDER 's latest Release, "Have a nice day" on December 17th 2014, the WORLD ORDER international Fansite went Online for the first time, with the only purpose, of supporting and promoting the fantastic and awesome WORLD ORDER among the non japanese Audience, all over the World.

For this Purpose we have concentrated in 3 activities:

-Build a Net of diverse Social Media Feeds to reach as much people as possible.

-Provide translations of the Member's Diary, which we think is the most important comunication Medium between the Group and the Fans.

-Improving the Comunication and Collaboration among Fans all over the World.

Regarding the Social media, we had happily seen the Audience grow, allowing us to reach the 800 followers in instagram and the 1000 on Facebook.

And regarding the Diaries and the collaboration among Fans, after starting using only electronic translation ressources, to provide the general idea of the Content, in the course of the year we had been able to gain Japanese speaking fellow fans as collaborators, who now help us providing accurate and better Translations.

Over this past year, we've witnessed WORLD ORDER rising success, starting with a Japan Tour in early 2015, through the transition into a 6 Man Formation, to finally making their first full shows outside Japan, in Singapore and Paris.

Furthermore, they had continued their tradition of spending time with their Fans, through diverse Activities within Japan, like the ART Exhibition in June and the yearly Fan Tour in July.

And te we've had the enormous Joy to see the Group noticing our Fan Site, promoting us in their Websites and even granted us an Interview before the Paris Show, which of course, was the Highlight of our year and the crowning of all our humble efforts.

So at this Point, I can just THANK YOU all fellow Fans all over the world for their support, and for keeping this Fan Base growing.

Specially to long time Fellow Fans Ange & Tita from Mexico, administrators of the WO Fans YouTube Channel, the Tumblr Blog, and co-administrators of the Facebook Page.

As well as our new Collaborators: Kazumi, Ray Y. and Ayumi, for their work on the Diary Translations.

I'm certain, with united Fan Power, we can help WORLD ORDER keep growing in popularity all over the World.

And last but not least: Thank you WORLD ORDER for being so humble, so awesome, and bringing so much Joy into our Hearts.


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