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Beauty lies in the little things.

My New Year's resolution this year is: “Reduce”.

Reduce the number of stuff we own

Reduce the consumption of energy such as electricity

Reduce the consumption of everything

Reduce economy

Reduce obsessions

Reduce greed

Focus on what we have.

You can get anything you want if you pay money; such is the world we live in.

When you're in trouble, you try to get through with the means you have.

Even so, still in trouble, don’t worry about it. Let it go.

When I spend money, I choose smaller stores, Reducing worrying,

Reducing dissatisfaction,

Knowing we have enough, I don’t suffer inconvenience, even if it is lacking.

I feel enough, not insufficient.

No matter how small joy is, it’s all right.

When you feel Joy, if the vessel which contains it is large, it won’t be filled up at all.

So, I made it smaller, I found lots of “what I have”, not “what I don’t have”.

To live a simple life is so comfy.

However, the pumpkin I had recently, was big.

Snow has already fallen this year.

Hayato Uchiyama 内山隼人

Kindly translated by: Kazumi (Thanks a lot!)

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