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Ninja Warrior !

Today's Training is ”Sasuke”

I went to Trampoline Gym today.

Amazingly, they have obstacle courses like the ones seen in “SASUKE" !!

1. Jump diagonally forwards over step board (3times)

2. Move holding onto sandbag with net

3. Move sideways along the bouldering wall

4. Climb up and down a rope

Sasuke course is like the above.

Average speed is around 30 seconds?

They say the previous record is 12-plus seconds.

I thought 12 seconds is very fast, and staff said this record is amazing!

No way! my record is 10.06 seconds ! (LOL)

Michael, the Gym manager, asked me in English.

“What do you usually do? Are you a Ninja Warrior (athlete who appears in U.S version of Sasuke)?”

Well, when I come to think about it, as a child, I used to run around the woods on the hill behind my house and do what athletes do in the Sasuke course.

And I think my workout brings results.

Anyway, I’m happy and it is rewarding to set a record.

But, my record will be broken anytime soon. (LOL)

Let’s workout healthy- and happily. (^^)



Kindly translated by Kazumi (Thanks a lot!)

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