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Year's End & Family Gathering

Christmas was over and I began to feel 2015 would be ending soon at last.

It became so cold recently, did anyone catch a cold?

Then my family gathered for the first time in a while and we enjoyed like a Christmas party.

Every year my family holds such a party when we have enough time, and everytime so many dishes are served, that we just can't eat them all.

Of course, I bring the dishes home that I couldn't eat, but I feel that it is still nice somehow.

I feel I am a happy man.

How was your Christmas?

The year is almost over.

The people who spent a good year, make this year nice until the end. And those who didn't, let's arise a nice movement in the end, shall we?

The additional performances of the CultureFestival are coming soon at last.

We are doing our best for the last spurt of the rehearsal.

"Does any hairstyle look cool if it turns black and white...?"

Such a thought crossed my mind recently but I got frightened.

We'll be doing so well on stage, so please look forward to our performance !


Masato Ochiai

Kindly Translated by: Ayumi (Thanks a lot!)

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