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Quiz Answers!

The time has come for the answers of last week’s Quiz \(^o^)/

The first Place is the “Komizo Waterfall”.

A place like taken from a Ghibli Animation Film, deep in the Chiba Prefecture. Is it an artificial Cave? That’s what I felt by seeing it from the front, but I didn’t enter. This time I just went to the Hot Springs nearby.

And speaking about Hot springs, this takes us to the second answer: It was Nagoya!

I’d already been there several times for Live Shows and did some Sightseeing, and my feet carried me to places where I was able to enjoy a unique gourmet experience! It is a place where, besides Osaka, Fukuoka and Tohoku, I would like to go again and again, not only for work!

And the third answer was: Koedo in the Saitama Prefecture.

Ever since I heard about it, I was wanting to go to take Pictures, so this time I finally went.

The City Landscape is extremely “Retro”, a great location to take Photographs, but also to just walk around or going out to eat, for instance.

So, this time I introduced 3 Places, but I will be introducing more places I get to visit, also in Quiz-Format! If you have time, please try to visit the ones closer to you. ☆

And because I was speaking about Fukuoka, I’d like to finish this Diary with the Pictures I took recently when we were working there.

Bound again to Fukuoka~


Masato Ochiai

Translated by Ani with:

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