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An active New Year

I wish you a Happy New Year!

I hope we continue to have a good relationship this year, too.

One week has passed since the beginning of 2016. How are you all doing?

Me, I started with the New Year’s Visit to the Shrine.

I tried to write Happy New Year with a brush Pen, but I could only make one character well.

And I did meet Mac Akasaka

Early on New Year’s day, I drove to Yokohama on my Bicycle. It was a round trip of around 4 hours.

On the way back, I unexpectedly saw the sunset, instead of the first sunrise of the New Year. It was beautiful.

I had a moderate start on drinking Alcohol, without being drunk, as far as I recall.

Let’s have lots of laughing this year too.


Yusuke Morisawa

Translated by Ani with:

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