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Shanghai, Japan & Strawberries

Good Morning! ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good Morning in many, many languages.

Thank you for always checking out my diary.

So sorry for the long passages all the time.

And then...

Thank you so much for pointing it out

It's because I have been working part time for so long...

Somehow I started using it so commonly subconsciously


[Translator note: the grammar "will become" - in a polite form]

A 37 year old who can't even use Japanese properly.

There are so many foreign languages I want to know about but,

Firstly, I can't even speak Japanese properly...

I think I have learnt.

If there is anything that you guys found, please feel free to point it out to me.

Thank you very much.

This week is Monday`s diary.

You guys have also worked hard for last one week.

Hope you guys had a warm week…(゜▽゜●)″

Seems like cold is going around...

Hope you all take good care of your health...

【Shanghai→Japan→Strawberry picking\(゜▽゜●)”】


25th day of 2016

(Shanghai Day 5)

This morning, isnt any different from the previous days, severe cold in Shanghai

But, maybe the cold strong wind was eased

I could feel, a little warmth from the rays of sun... I think,

but having said that the temperature was at -4℃

It's stilll cold... (((° Д ° ○)))″

Today, is finally the actual day of performance...

I was nervous, but some how the warm air and also the warm support we received,

We had a wonderful performance.

To everyone from China, to everyone from Shanghai

Please look forward to Lunar New Year night...

And then, on our last night in Shanghai

Outside of the window, then river was shimmering

Today, I feel a great piece of mind, not only do I feel healed by the light from the river everynight,

but also the round moon, and the stars.


26th day of 2016.

(Shanghai Day 6)

It's always like this.

When I have to return home, my heart feels lonely.

I wish I could stay a little longer...

I could know a little more...

Whenever I go overseas, I always find it hard t express my feelings of gratitude.

Whichever what, not matter where I go.

Everyone overseas always response back with their warm smiles.

Well, smile is the common language in the world.

I'm really thankful for lots of wonderful smiles received from everyone in Shanghai this time.

I'm thankful for the moments of smiles that comes with warmth, support from everyone.

I also want to thank those who support use from afar all the time.

I'm back to Japan from Shanghai.

Thank you Shanghai... see you again ヾ(T∧T●)″

(in Chinese: Really thank you so much!! See you\(゜∇゜●)″)

Hope you have a good Lunar New Year...


27th day of 2016

Soccer U23 Olympic representative

They got the ticket to participate in the Olympic by 2-1 winning their goals through lost time.

They did it... Aren't they superb? ((゜▽゜●))″

Seems like the final match will be Korea VS Japan,

Korea is strong, looking forward to the match...

Who ever wins, it's going to be an interesting match...

I wanna watch...

It's also good weather today...

It has been a long time since the morning here.

Bathroom`s wall, with the sun and the sunset...

I only did my laundry today.

Today was a stay-at-home-day

I'm going to rest my body fully today

And work hard from tomorrow again!!!

(● ̄∇ ̄)ノ″


29th day of 2016

Good weather today too!

But morning is chilly as usual.

While I was on my way home, the sun was warm

Forecasted temperature was 14℃... since I have had experience of below zero deg. Temperature like this feels so warm.

but, if I take it too lightly, I could have easily caught a cold...

Those in the north, those in the mountains

I think they are shivering in cold as usual...

maybe they are still experiencing below zero temperature...

I think they felt that way... just by imagining the cold they experience I would start trembling even now.

Please do keep yourself warm...

On my way home, I carried my stuff and walked into a convenience store

At the entrance, there was a cute dog...

sitting demurely inside a baby car

busy looking around while waiting for its owner. Such a cutie pie \(゜▽゜●)″