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India and Thailand

Good Morning ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good Morning in many, many languages.

It's the start of a new week.

Sorry for the late update this week too.

I'm back, Japan/(゜▽゜●)”

I was back from India on Monday afternoon

and Tuesday, Wednesday, I spent 3 days in Japan

And again on Thursday, I was off to Thailand...

It has been a while since I was back to Thailand

It's a great city with streets full of warmth as usual.

We meet up with people who helped us during our previous trip, and I felt so much of their kindness once again.

Thank you THAILAND

【INDIA-TAILANDへ( ´∇ ` ●)”】


(38th day of 2016)


Sunset on the last day, India`s sunset was perfectly round, shining so brightly orange like a lightbulb

I had my eyes glued to the sunset, dazed.

And then, drivers who helped us.

I was mainly on the car of a driver in red coat.

Roads of India, were drowned with hornings, that seems to be saying, "get off the way!!"

It's not a horn, is like it was meant as a mean of announcing your presence.

I think...

But then, the traffic lanes doesn't mean much

Nor the traffic rules, nothing

It's as though they ain't present at all...

That was why the hornings from the drivers, was really something amazing...

We left the neverending sound of horns of India for Koushu

Transfer from Koushu and arrived at Haneda

I took an empty train alone, that goes in a different direction from the others

Sat dazed under the afternoon sun ray

It was also quiet as I made my way home on a taxi...

Everyday for a week, was on a street where hornings never stops

Indescribable feelings

It has been so quiet all the while...

I would love to go back to India again...

But right now, I would take a good rest today

And get prepared for the next

Thank you INDIA (´ 人`●)”

It was a good experience.


(39th day 2016)

(2nd day in Japan)

I stayed at home the whole day today.

Slept much, dreamt much

I was on my carpet all the while

Just trying to rest my body.

At dusk...

On my way home

Someone, a beige sweater on his big back.

ah... Grandpa\(゜▽゜●)”

I called out to stop my grandpa

we went back together,

and we had dried bonito...

It has been a while since I met my grandpa in my dream... He hasn't changed

The warm smile of his, is as lovely...

Beige sweater looks really good on him...

I'm glad he looks healthy...

Maybe grandma has asked him to run an errand...

With that... I woke up feeling warm at heart.


(40th day of 2016)

3rd day in Japan)

Wind feels cold today.

I was trying to stop my hat from getting blown away by the wind as I made my way to the rehearsal.

I will be flying off to Thailand tomorrow.

Experiencing from freezing cold to Spring Summer Autumn Winter

Had myself in coldness... and to the land of summer.

My body might go into panic status anytime...

My second trip to Thailand,

This time too, I'm going to feel the air of Thailand with all that I can, and live to the fullest/

I'm all fully prepared too...

I'm going to stay warm and rest myself well...


(41st. day of 2016)

(Japan→ THAILAND Day 1)

Japan is still cold today.

Today is holiday in Japan, and departing on an afternoon of a holiday feels weird.

It has been sometime since

I left from Narita.

From Shinagawa, I took the N'EX To Narita Airport...

The N'EX was packed with people.

I think there are many people who are going for a trip from public holiday till weekend

The plane we are taking this time is big...

It has 2 floors with 4 engines

People who are taking this flight is making a long long queue.