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The smiles are not forgotten...

The JAPAN EXPO IN THAILAND. Being filled with warmth and enthusiasm of Thai people, we were given the chance to excitedly perform here.

Thank you very much.

Thank you also, to all the People who came to cheer us from Japan.

Thailand is a warm land and people have a warm character, and it is easy to spend time here.

We visited 3 Countries in a Row: China, India and Thailand with some Strawberry picking in between, and we met a lot People. All those who were involved with WORLD ORDER in each country, but also those who were met for one brief moment, their smiles are burned in my mind and are not forgotten.

I spent a very happy and enjoyable time, even though it was hard at the same time.

All the dishes we enjoyed at the food stalls on our last evening, were so delicious and impressive.

Speaking of Harrods Tea Room, which became my favorite last time I visited Thailand, I went there right when it opened as I had some spare time on the day of the Event.

Not surprisingly, there were few customers as if I'd reserved the Tea Room.

I could spend a relaxing Teatime.

Again, to Thailand I come

Again, for Thailand I long.


Hayato Uchiyama

Translated with:

Text klindly revised by Kazumi (Thanks a lot! )

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