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Overseas Training

Today's Training is "Overseas Training Report"

After the start of the New Year, we worked a super busy schedule while travelling around the world.

But, keeping workout is my New Year resolution for this year.

First, Shanghai.

I had little spare time for workout in Shanghai, but I did hard what I could do such as sit-ups in the hotel room.

Looking good. (^^)

And I could go to the gym in India, so I pushed myself to the edge !

When I was doing airwalk (typewriter) pull ups while doing chin-ups, Indian kids were transfixed by that.

It was a good memory that I pumped my fists and he did the same as we were leaving.

And the Hotel Gym in Thailand was fully equipped.

So I wanted to work out hard there.

But, I didn’t overdo because I was exhausted due to tight schedules such as 30-minutes live performance, interviews and so on.

Not being overworked is also a challenge.

Doing the front lever,

Performing human flag.

Do you know where I am? (LOL)

Recently, I became able to work out to some extent under any circumstances.

It does show that I could do more, doesn’t it? It’s great to feel I’m increasingly developing.

Let’s workout healthy- and happily. (^^)



Kindly translated by: Kazumi (Thanks a lot!)

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