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Ready for the Jungle

You may be familiar with the Swiss Army Knife.

To grasp my Hands over the different kind of Knives and features like Can and Bottle openers... that was the romantic illusion of adventure beating in my chest since an early age. But also in my adulthood, this excitement was still alive. So as it caught my eye in a do-it-yourself market, I lined up at the cashier and got it into my pocket immediately after purchase. Got the sense of exhilaration and overconfidence that I could immediately jump into the Jungle. Even now, at the age of 33.

However, it has passed quite some time since I used this Knife. If fact, I realized I barely use it. I placed it with the Kitchen Knifes, always ready, so I can use it at least to peel potatoes. The world has become too convenient. If you don’t have a Bottle opener, you tend to buy a Cap Bottle Wine instead of a Cork Bottle.

But when I jump into the wilderness, I’m sure the Knife will be useful in case of a disaster.

And Today this Knife got a lot of pressure from me. I gave it the first wash of the Year, and spread out all the blades out. So I took the chance to make a Picture for the Diary, then put it again to sleep peacefully in its drawer until the next time.


Yusuke Morisawa

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