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Quiet happines of the small things...

Recently I've been eating Miso made from Nagano local malt-free soybeans,“Koujiirazu” which I started fermenting this time last year.

(Transl. Note: “Koujiorazi” is trade name of Soybeans meaning “malt-free” or “rice malt isn’t necessary”.Usually, MISO is made from soybeans, malt, and salt. But if using this soybeans “Koujiirazu”, they can make Miso without malt.)

I had ordered and eaten Miso made with carefully selected ingredients and methods until then.

But Miso that I made is much tastier. It’s so good.

Do I praise myself?

On the day I returned home from a series of overseas Shows, I ate rice cooked in a clay pot and miso

soup with sweet potato, ginger and green leaves of Japanese radish as usual. Somehow happy…

No, extremely happy.

No matter what happens, I’m extremely happy with just that.

Last fall, I ate a big bowl of soybeans, “Koitozairai” after boiling it in salted water, which I grew along the paths between rice fields and harvested. Eating is living.

Living is eating.

There is a Person, who is eating while walking in new MV (Chinese version).

When she passed by, I caught a fleeting glimpse of inside the bowl. I was so surprised to know more than noodles one can eat. In addition, she is eating while walking around in the restaurant….

She has guts.

In India, I got the valuable experience to enter into the Ganges River. While watching MV over and over again, I look back to a houseful of memories.

And recently, flowers are blooming everywhere and I’m in a light-hearted mood.

Well, those things happened to me and was tempted to buy Japanese sake, whose label I was attracted by.

It’s a beautiful label and I can’t stop myself to keep watching. Spring is fun.

And I appreciate the value of fermentation culture and fermented food.


Hayato Uchiyama

Kindly translated by: Kazumi (Thanks a lot!)

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