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Are you really there?

I experienced something mysterious upward of the Roppongi-hills.

I had a little time off on the way back from the meeting, so visited Roppongi.

Almost getting lost at a place I visited for the first time in a while, I walked step by step so as not to feel nervous in the surrounding atmosphere.

Here's the place I came to, after roaming around Roppongi-hills.

It was very crowded, due to subscription basis.

By sitting like this on the chair and looking into a box, you can experience how the field of vision spreads 360° from above to below and the place changes instantly or the time turns nonsense.

It was such a mysterious time and space for me.

Are you there for real...?

Such a question made me feel this experience might be of use for myself in the future.

But now, I cannot utterly imagine how would that be or how to use it.

That would become a totally different story...

Am I really there?


Masato Ochiai

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Kindiy translated by: Ayumi. (Thanks a lot!)

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