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Feeling Spring's warmth

Good Morning! ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good Morning in many, many languages.

It’s the beginning of new week

Today is a public holiday, thus a day that invites a time of rest...

From the middle of last week, I’ve been embraced by warm winds

Feeling cheerfulness in the Spring

It seems like the cherry blossom buds are little by little blooming into beautiful flowers

In all the warmth and happiness

It’s the season of graduation (TL note: School in Japan ends around the end of March)

I hope that this week will be an amazing one...

【Feeling the warmth of Spring \(゜▽゜●)】


74th day of 2016

The new week starts with rain

All day today, the sky is overcast with grey clouds

Rain continued to fall for the entire day

I had garlic chicken potato fries today while purchasing the usual that

Although I hadn’t had it in a while, the fries were tasty as always

Let’s live the week as lively as possible

YEAH!!! \(゜▽゜●)″


75th day of 2016

On my way back today, I got beansprouts and tofu

The prices for beansprouts went from 19 yen to 27 yen

(゜((゜。゜●)″ I looked back and had to check the prices to confirm…

Even then, I purchased two pouches of them...

And I bought the usual worth of tofu

With that being the case, I for sure need to make

Miso soup with tofu and beansprouts...

(● ̄ ▽ ̄)ノ″ I’ve been having that for the last while...


76th day of 2016

Today, with the temperature warmer

The sky is blue, making a nice warm day

This morning, I had

Ani san’s chocolate milk

And some peanut-cream toast...

Today was a calm Spring day

And while there was a curtain of clouds over the horizon in the afternoon...

Today ended calmly, without a single drop of rain.


77th day of 2016

Today, the sky was once again blue and the sun is warm

A day of good weather, a day of warmth

The setting sun’s orange color was also vivid

Today, I added sauce on top of the ham deep-fried cutlet I purchased yesterday

Crunch crunch, munch munch (゜〇゜●)゛

Oh, how delicious!!!


78th day of 2016

I feel the Spring with the warm air it offers...

A blue sky on Friday morning, with white clouds flowing in the evening, and finally rain fell at night...

I think most of the children must have gone to their graduation ceremony today...

I’m glad the midday was sunny.

I hope everyone’s graduation went well...

Let’s celebrate how great today was! \(゜∇゜●)/”

I had lots of toast today.

Ham deep-fried cutlet toast with miso soup

Peanut-cream toast and chocolate toast

I’m a Jiiji who has eaten too much bread today...


79th day 2016

Rain fell hard today

( ̄∇ ̄●;)゛

Thus, we had a WORLD ORDER dance lesson at the Aeon Mall Makuhari New City, in Chiba.

When I arrived, there was so much rain that the station front was flooded like a river...

Everyone, even in that rain, gathered among the multitude of people

And while the time was short, it was a very heartwarming time

Thank you very much.

And to everyone who had come, even the cute and healthy children,

They had tried their hardest when dancing that everyone remembered the dance to a song. They were all very good (゜▽゜●)゛

Even in the rain, I thank the fathers and mothers for their time

The rain had stopped on my way home

The vivid sun slowly sank over the horizon

Today was a fantastic day.

Thank you very much.


80th day of 2016

Today was a Sunday of cloudiness

The air was warm today, with the sun peaking through the clouds in the afternoon

A marvelous Sunday

From yesterday, it’s been a three-day holidays, and I welcome it...

Yesterday, nearby the Tokyo bullet train station I went to,

There were so many people, that we were packed.

Today is the middle of the three-day holiday

So I pray that today will be a warm and kind Sunday...

[Chocolat ショコラ]