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Morisawa gets Gold !

I went for renewal of my driver’s license.

Now it has the sign for “Excellent”. So for the first time, I got the Golden License.

Actually, I have just sporadically the opportunity to drive, but nevertheless, I’m happy for it.

So, what kind of benefits, does the Golden License bring? Check it out, right below:

-It is Valid for 5 Years (which is helpful).

-The Traffic Safety Lesson fee went from 800 to 500 Yen. (Thank you very much).

-The Traffic Safety Lesson time went from 1 hour to 30 minutes. (to that extent, a reliable speech).

-Any insurances are comparatively cheaper in case you buy a car.

-The Inspection costs for the Vehicle become cheaper. (Well, it’s not very likely I will buy a car).

-You get preferential treatment and lower interest rates on Car Loans.

-The Rental Car fees are also lower. (which was unexpected but sounds quite good).

So, for one reason or the other, I’m very happy that the colour of my license has changed from blue to gold.

Hurray for Gold!


Yusuke Morisawa

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