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Sakura Week

Good Morning! ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good Morning in many, many languages.

It's a start of a new week.

Last week, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom in all areas.

Have you guys gone for cherry blossom viewing?

Sakura is definitely comforting to the mind and soul

as we welcome a new (fiscal) year…

I guess the newly hired employees are getting busy...

and since Spring break is coming to an end, there is also the entrance ceremony.

Start of a new year…

I think its going to be week of Wakudoki (excitement)

Hope you find great buddies to share memories of fun and excitement...

as you start making your one step to the start of the week.

【Sakura and New (Fiscal) Year((゜▽゜●)】


(88th day of 2016)

Today I was almost like an old man, being up really early in the morning.

And since early morning,

I started working in preparation for the exhibition.

As long as I have a little free time, I will start myself indoor...

for a long while, just sit there, for a long while, concentrating on the work…

Ane because of that, at the end my hand hurts,

my wrist hurts,

and I wasn't able to move them... and then

( ̄ ‐ ̄)Chi-n←This is how my face turns into then...

And then, today, it has been a while

Since I step into the rehearsal area of a theater company`s acting.

I'm glad to be involved once again since the last time we worked together.

This time, its a really cute choreography

and very valiant actions...

Today I'm here for choreographing 2 extreme choreographies.

If we include some acting among the choreography...

I think it will be a really good piece of work...

I'm still in the midst of reading the script, and from now on will I step into the rehearsal...

I read the script many times,

and also studied about rugby...

I wonder if I'm able to enjoy rugby the next time I watch their match...

This morning, it rained

But it was all sunny by evening.

However having said that, after a few moments on my way home,

I could hear the thunder go gorogorogorogor, and the rain came right at the same time.

The sky is having a real busy time (゜▽゜●) but i like it...


(89th day of 2016)

Good warm weather Tuesday.

Peanuts Cream Toast with Mentai Potato on Salad.

Today, Jiji stayed indoor the whole day too

Locked myself in,

and I locked myself in, and again locked myself in

until my wrist started to tremble real hard…

as I held my pen...

I had gripped the pen too tightly with too much strength... (● ̄∇ ̄)ノ゛


(90th day of 2016)

Today is also a warm Wednesday

Me, who is sensitive to heat, feel just nice with just a

t-shirt on.

Today before rehearsal for work, I had a sit on a bench at the back of a park to view cherry blossoms.

As the sakura blooms


Someone (popopo) came walking by in a plodding manner

and together we enjoyed our cherry blossom.

I wonder if this buddy of mine is also enjoying cherry blossom all over the area

during the weekends...

Sakura does really keeps one unwind...


(91th day of 2016)

Today is also of good and warm weather.

Recently I keep eating lettuce.

Sometimes I will have potato salad on top, sometimes chicken.

I make lots a of different arrangement while I have my vegetable intake.

Please let me know if there is any other delicious way of eating.

Vegetables taste good



(92th day of 2016)

Few days ago, I was awaken by a very bright light from outside in the middle of the night at 3am.

I couldn’t figure out what exactly it was

Then I looked up from my corridor


There is a UFO over the rooftop...

as I tried to get close to it nervously

ET...came out from it...

I had my finger tip touching the tip of its finger that was lit

After that, he came to my house and we had lettuce together.

Thank you

I am healthy thanks to ET.

From then,

Everyday, it will ride on the basket of the bicycle and fly night after night

Heyyyyyy (● ̄∇ ̄)ノ゛

(April fool)

The sun showed me his face this morning too but

Friday feels a little chilly

Slowly the sky turns cloudy

And the rained in the night.

I wonder if the sakura are fine...

Today I had smoked beef tongue on my salad.

Recently i’m very much hooked on the crispiness of lettuce

Step by step, as the preparation for the Exhibition proceeds...

But the details doesn’t seem to progress much without making any mistakes.

Hopefully the works will turn out great.

Hang on there, Jiiji (● ̄∇ ̄)ノ”


(93th day of 2016)

Today, was cold air saturday.

The air was chilly because of the rain last night.

Before I left for work rehearsal,

I had a half-and-half toast (half chocolate bar, half peanuts cream) and set off.

The street that could be seen from bus and train

were covered with beautifully blossoming Sakura.

I wonder how is the weather going to be like tomorrow...

Please keep yourself warm when you go out for cherry blossom.

Hope it will be a nice warm weekend...


(94th day of 2016)

Today I took the first train of the day early morning to work.

Hair is perfectly fixed as usual, hard like plastic.

Street is still dark, with scattered showers

Sakura among the cold air and shine of street lights looks really beautiful.

The rain doesn’t seems to stop...

Work has been postponing, and we were having a long fight with the sky...

We will never win against weather...

But on my way back, from the clouds faraway,

there are thin crisps of orange.

Sunday`s setting sun

had sunk with the cloudy sky...

Not losing to the rain, not losing to the coldness

Today Sakura was also blooming beautifully.

Tomorrow, will be a start of a new week.

Hope we can have a warm sunday night...

You guys have worked hard for the week.

Start of a brand new week

I guess it’s going to be a nervous start of April with the new fiscal year,

new environment, and full of new things coming along.

Step by step as you pick up the new task...

I wish you have a warm day everyday.

A new week

A new month

Hope you guys get to spend every day, every moment of your new week and month

in a calm and cozy mood.

together with the sakura petals,

with the gentle wind

as it blows lightly into everyone`s heart...

Don’t worry, things will be fine.

The wind blew!

Lets feel it

Lets live (゜∇゜●)/゛

【Hope this world will be surrounded by warm smiles...】

A step to a new week

Off we go.

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Kindly translated by: Ray Y. (Thanks a lot!)

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