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Do what we can

Bamboo shoots arrived this year, too!

Hearing the news that the organization, which I’ve supported by Hometown Tax System, adopted and rescued all dogs waiting to be sacrificed in Hiroshima, I was happy as if it were my own.

It is best to take action myself. But, even if I don't I’m so happy to know that money I paid has been used efficiently and I can make a contribution to their activities.

I hope such activities spread across the country and become first step to make people fundamentally rethink of ending animal sacrifice.

This is also a story from last year: I submitted my comments about Neonicotinoid Insecticides regulation, whose standard was eased last year, to a certain organization. I heard that lots of opinions and signatures collected by them were submitted to the government. I’m expecting things are getting better, step by step.

Then, I went to Earth Day market.

Iwai-shima, heart-shaped island, in Yamaguchi prefecture.

I support their anti-nuclear power movement which they’ve been working on since 1982.