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WO ART Exhibition Special Report: Mini-Interview with Hayato Uchiyama

WOiF: You seem to be a person who likes simple pleasures, and Craftworks. If you were a Craftsman, what kind of Craft would you choose?

Ucchy: There are many things that attract my attention but most I like Bamboo. Once I made a Basket out of Bamboo.

WOiF: Really? How did you come to it?

Ucchy: I was visiting (a store?) and someone was working on making baskets, so I got closer to look, and the owner asked me if I wanted to try, and so I did. But it took me 3 hours to make just a little one.

WOiF: You write often about your love to Nature and environment in your Diary. Can you imagine WO endorsing an environmental Organization, like Greenpeace?

Ucchy: Well, I support many NGOs and environmental organisations myself.

Ucchy: Well, I couldn’t speak directly to him, but I was on his lecture and at the Autograph session.

WOiF: Did you shake his Hand?

Ucchy: Yes.

Thanks a lot Ucchy san !

WATCH Ucchy san's Works in Detail HERE:

Translation by: Kazumi (Thank you!)

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