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A rainy Week

Good Morning! ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good Morning in many, many languages.

A new week, the first Monday of June

Its a beginning of a brand new week.

Seems like we have entered the rainy season.

Damp days are going to continue...

Hot hot summer with the ringing of cicada`s chirp will follow once this rainy season ends

【Kumamon , Match and Eggbirdヾ(゜θ゜●)】


(151th day of 2016)

The new week started with rain.

It has been raining continuously for the whole day.

I greedily had 2 Taiyaki in the morning

but I couldnt finish eating...

Ham Cutlet Sandwich (with Korea Seaweed) at night.

Straightaway it was also bread for this week.


(152th day of 2016)

It was a morning full of clouds and puddles of rain from yesterday.

Evening was of vividly lit sunset

I had toast for today too (This is the first time I had a 4-piece loaf)

Boy, sure it was thick for each piece, and really chewy too.

Tonight was Super Mars.

An orange star, which can be seen really big under the night sky.

Did you see it...?


(153th day of 2016)