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A rainy Week

Good Morning! ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good Morning in many, many languages.

A new week, the first Monday of June

Its a beginning of a brand new week.

Seems like we have entered the rainy season.

Damp days are going to continue...

Hot hot summer with the ringing of cicada`s chirp will follow once this rainy season ends

【Kumamon , Match and Eggbirdヾ(゜θ゜●)】


(151th day of 2016)

The new week started with rain.

It has been raining continuously for the whole day.

I greedily had 2 Taiyaki in the morning

but I couldnt finish eating...

Ham Cutlet Sandwich (with Korea Seaweed) at night.

Straightaway it was also bread for this week.


(152th day of 2016)

It was a morning full of clouds and puddles of rain from yesterday.

Evening was of vividly lit sunset

I had toast for today too (This is the first time I had a 4-piece loaf)

Boy, sure it was thick for each piece, and really chewy too.

Tonight was Super Mars.

An orange star, which can be seen really big under the night sky.

Did you see it...?


(153th day of 2016)

Today sky was of gentle aqua blue

It rained at night though..

A day of peaceful sky.

Today I had strawberry roll cake, Pasta arrabiata, Chicken meat and Fried Fish Cake (TN: Hanpen: a cake of ground fish combined with starch and steamed)

Today`s volume of my meal, is a full score...



(154th day of 2016)

Today's sky, was the color of summer,

deep blue with pinch of whitish white, cotton candy- like cloud

Sunny and clear, with wind.

It was a day that was really comfortable.

Today`s bread, is ham and cheese bread.

It was really delicious...


(155th day of 2016)

Today`s sky was of gentle aqua blue.

Not a piece of cloud in the sky, with the morning sun,

Dawn was painted vividly in orange sun,

giving you a very comfy sunny feel.

Today I tried to knit leather strap, as I twist and twist...

This can be a dope...!


(156th day of 2016)

The morning sky was also gentle today.

And we had orange sunset in the evening.

But the sunray was really strong...

Wind was very comfortable...

and it has been for sometime since i had lettuce salad with Cutlet Sandwich...

Today`s fashion coordinate was denim shirt on denim shirt

and i change where the pocket was on my pants

and I had my hat remade.

It was a great remake...

Hope everyone has a good weekend...


(157th day of 2016)

It rained in the morning, and the sky was all white this Sunday.

As I was busy since morning

before i realized, it was already past noon...

Rain on a rest day... somehow makes me feel really happy...

Sound of the rain on a Sunday soothes the heart.

(Sorry to those who had to work...)

Afternoon, the sky was sunny in aqua blue

I wonder if its going to be good weather tomorrow...

Soon we are entering rainy season..

As you can see in the picture, my remake hat, black and green.

Ah... Mr Cat Hiroshi is going to make his appearance in the olympics...

It was really a pity, 4 years ago...

Congratulation for making it through a representative of Cambodia \(゜〇゜●)/

Now that I think about it, I have written the same thing 4 years ago.. aha

It has been a week of hard work guys...

A brand new week has begun.

I guess this week, the Japan sky is going to full of rain...

I don't think anyone of us like the damp feeling...

Hope you guys spend every moment, everyday of this new week warm and peacefully as usual.

I hope gentle wind will blow comfortably...

Things will be fine. Everything will go well

The wind blew!

!Lets liveヾ(゜∇゜●)!!

【I hope this world will be full of warm and friendly smiles...】

【This week, again, I wish every step that you make, will bring you to a better tomorrow, and a heartwarming week.】

To the new week...

Lets go!!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Kindly translated by: Ray Y. (Thanks a lot!)

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