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Rain, Toast and Fan Tour Memories

Good MOOOrning! ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good Morning in many, many languages.

It was a busy week last week too.

Days of rainy morning to sunny evening, to cloudy night,you can say that the sky has been pretty busy.

Cant believe that the sky can be busy during the rainy season...

It has been a week since fan tour...

and it was a week of warmth from reading the comments from you guys.

The smiles and tears still remain warm in my heart till now.

Hope those precious moment will be a treasure kept cherished in your heart as we move on to tomorrow.

Once again, thank you for the precious treasure ( > ▽ < ●)”

【A week with BOW and Kumamon.】


(172th day of 2016)

Monday started cloudy.

Damage from the sports day on my body can still be felt...

But my heart is still as warm and sunny.

And what attracted a heart like this...was the clear and gentle sky blue sky of the dawn, where the sunset sank beautifully with the brilliant cloud that looked like tug of war in the sky,

pulling each other.

Today, I managed to peel the skin of an apple really beautifully.It was delicious

(´ ▽ ` ●о)”


(173th day of 2016)

This morning started rainy.

This morning, I had bread from the Northern European with choco whipped cream and I made it into a toast.

And also I had chicken nuggets.

Today`s weather had changed completed since yesterday`s rainy sky.

At dawn, was the sky dyed in vivid orange...

Before I turn into bed, I watched a movie called [IN THE HEART OF THE SEA]

It was a great show.


(174th day of 2016)

Again, Wednesday morning started with rain too.

I had received letters and presents from fan-tour yesterday.

Yes, they are now safely in my hands.

Really, thank you very much.

It contained something that looked like photo book...

I was so amazed and touched by it.


Sorry about the snacks and food.

Since I couldn't finish all by myself I had them shared with my family, and my brother`s family.

I'm really thankful for all the sweet letters filled with love.

Precious.(´ ▽ ` ●)

Well, what I'm gonna write now has got nothing to do with the above.... but the cucumber was tasty...


(175th day of 2016)

Tonight, Venus was also shining in bright orange.

Weather had changed completely from rainy morning, the sky starts to clear up, and by the time it's over noontime, it was of clear blue sky, and by evening, it was orange sun followed by a clear night sky.

Somehow, the weather this week continued in such manner.

Today I had Kinako butter toast and daibutsu pudding jam toast which I received.

Both were of mild sweetness and they tasted really yummy (゜▽゜●)″

Thank you so much for the treats.


(176th day of 2016)

This morning, it didn’t start out rainy, weekend, friday had started with cloudy sky.

according to weather forecast, it would start to rain by evening.

Today I had Takahashi Egg Castella sponge cake which I received.

Thank you so much.

and then, I also had the cup noodle which I brought in from Shanghai.

Erm,.. I guess i didn’t quite like it...I felt like I was having ramen in chilli oil...

And then, I had ham bread...

Today changed the sleeves of a shirt...

The sky has been pretty busy for this week, turning from rainy to sunny to cloudy...It seems like many places are affected by the heavy rain...Hope you guys have a peaceful weekend...


(177th day of 2016)

Just when I thought it was going to be sunny...

The sky was of aqua blue just for a while before noon then the sun started to come out between the clouds...

and it was a cloudy day for the rest of the day.

This morning I had peanut cream toast and hazelnut toast.

The toast was so nutty nuts.

Today I remade a cap, a fisherman cap.

Anyway, according to forecast, tomorrow is going to be hot and sunny for the whole day.

Hope you guys enjoy a good Sunday.



(178th day of 2016)

Sky blue tried to take a peek out of the morning sky,

and the sun was playing hide-and-seek from behind the clouds...

But somehow it felt the same as yesterday...

Today I had a really great toast, which I overdid (゜▽゜●)″

Once again, to everyone,

this week had been a busy rainy season.

I wonder how is the weather forecast going to be this week.

I hope you guys could spend a new month, just as usual, feeling calm and peaceful everyday, every moment.

Whether it’s rainy, sunny or cloudy I hope the gentle wind will blow softly into your heart.

Don’t worry, everything will be find.

The wind blew...

lets live!! (´ ∇ ` ●)/”

【I hope the world will be surrounded with gentle warm smiles...】

【This week too and of course for July, I hope that one step you make will bring you to tomorrow, to a week of calmness】

To a new month

To a new week...Bye ya!!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Kindly translated by: Ray Y. (Thanks a lot!)

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