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To our Male Audience

The other day, I went to see the “Ensemble of Stars” Show. A few months ago, I made the acquaintance with some people of the Staff, and got an Invitation. So I went after I heard the Tickets have a great demand.

There were about 20 Performers, all Male in Super-Looking Clothes, and also Model Grand Prix Auditions, and Magazine Top-Models. Even from my Male perspective, I thought they were 'Cool', and also the Performance and Dance was skillful.

Such a Show, had obviously, mainly Female Attendees. and I actually wondered if I was the only Man in the Audience.

After the Show, I was greeted by the People who had invited me. On my way back home I was suddenly thinking, that also at our WORLD ORDER Shows, we have a very high rate of Female Audience. So, to the Men who come to our Events, really: Thank you very much.

When I was feeling even a little ashamed to be the minority in this Show, the faces of the Male participants of the Fan Tour popped into my head, and my chest became hot.

So at this Point, please let me take the Opportunity to express my gratitude. .

And the Live Show in August is coming closer. ^ - ^


Yusuke Morisawa

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