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WO ART Exhibition Special Report: Mini-Interview with Takashi Jonishi

WoiF: Joony san, on the ART Exhibition last year, you were displaying your own muscles, This year you’re displaying some Videos. Why the change?

Joony: Well, I was very exhausted after the Presentation, and the next day the Quality would decrease, that’s why I decided not to do it anymore

WOiF: Did you do the Video Editing by yourself?

Joony: Yes, I did all the shooting and editing by myself, including all Camera Settings.

WOiF: What was more difficult: Shooting or Editing?

Joony: Shooting, it took time until I got exactly the right moves.

WOiF: How did you decide which Music to choose?

Joony: Well, WORLD ORDER has just Male voices, so I thought a Female voice would be nice.

WOiF: On our last interview, you said you could not see yourself as part of the Olympic Gymnastics Team, and lately you have been very active in Street Workout (SW), which also includes some Gymnastic elements. Can you tell us something about it?

Joony: Well, the Street Workout is something you can do with friends. Gymnastics, I think you’d have to train for/ by yourself. And it is less flexible. Has less room for improvisation. On SW, I can do what I want, finally. Gymnastics is beautiful, but SW is cool.

WOiF: What about being part of “Cirque du Soleil”

Joony: (laughs) yeah Maybe.

WOiF: You gave a Presentation about Workout in Dancing recently, can you imagine yourself in the future as a teacher, for example?

Joony: Yes, why not…? I don't know. But the one thing I know, is that I want to be a performer for the rest of my life. That’s what I really want.

(Note: Joony san answered all Questions in English)

Thanks a lot Joony san !

Joony san explains us his favorite Video Scenes HERE:

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