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\(●゜〇゜●)/Monday has come!!!

Good morning!

Good Morning in many, many languages.


GOOD.... MORNING\(゜▽゜●)”

July has started!

Right here in Japan, our weekend has been really hot and humid for days.

Days of sunny summer...

Hope you guys won't loose to the heat this week too and have a great start of your Monday.

【Kumamon and Friends [゜△゜●]】


(179th day of 2016)

hot hot hot

rays of the summer sun marks the start of Monday.

It was a day so hot that you feel as though you are living through the Summer.

The Russia Bread which I found on my way home was big and simple, yet very delicious.

But I wonder what is the Russia thing all about.

And ice cream... it's a must-have in the fridge for Summer.


(180th day of 2016)

Tuesday morning started with chilly rain.

The rain stopped by the time it turns evening, and the sky was all cloudy.

I wonder if I will feel cold just by having a short-sleeved top on.

Today, the sky was just like that of a rainy season, a complete change from Monday`s Summer weather.

Today, I bought Russia bread again... aha


(181th day of 2016)

This morning it looked like it was going to rain too.

I was being rocked from side to side on a crowded train on my way to Yurakucho.

Today`s work was at a hotel located in Yurakucho...

I had a really hard plastic- like hairstyle. It always take me a hard time trying to wash my hair...

Today was Family Inada`s Massage Chair`s new product launch.

It's a massage chair embedded with artificial intelligence technology... Controller Seat that has amazing functions like a robot...

I can't imagine what "class" is the airline gonna name it if we have this chair equipped on a plane.

It just came me thinking... Economy Class, Business Class, First... Royal??

I guess..‚

Potato and fruits and sandwiches.Since this product launch was held at a hotel, the food looked really delicious...Because the meals were prepared before the performance, I couldn't have any... (tears)

And then, here we have in the photo, Nakashima Mika.

Since WORLD ORDER started out, Hair Salon "Bloc" owner, Mr Yamamoto, had published a photo book, and today was the party.

He looked really cool. Congratulations.


(182th day of 2016)

The sky started to clear up from cloudy morning to sunny. And from the blue sky, to orange dawn to cloudy night.

Today I had pudding toast with peanut jam toast.

It was a humid day, and the air turn really warm when I used the oven... but still I want to have toast...

Really, I'm an old man who loves bread...