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An extremely Hot week

Good morning!

Good Morning in many, many languages.


It's a start of a new week's.diary.

Right after I put up this diary, will be EURO2016

I guess the winning country will be known by then...

France... or Portugal... we shall see...

【An extremely hot week/(´ д `●;)】


(186th day of 2016)

Monday since I was born.

A day so hot, that I think I was about to melt away with it.

The sun was shining so very brilliantly, and I couldn't stop sweating...

It's as though I sweat as long as I am alive.

After I reached home to my hot room, I was all worn out due to the heat.

But when it reached dawn, the sky turned dark almost immediately...

Just as the sky was covered with grey clouds,


Ah!! (゜Д゜●;)” surprised

As the rain battered, I opened up the bathroom window, had my smartphone facing the sky and took quite a number of photos of the lightnings.

Only 1 photo had the lightning clearly taken


And then, I moved to the rooftop as I heard the cries from the birds...

The sky has indeed turned vivid in color...

Even though Monday started out very very hot...

the passing rain has cooled down the Earth for me.


(187th day of 2016)

The temperature has gone down to 26~7℃ since yesterday.

Cloudy sky of mild weather here, It was pretty cool outside as the wind blew.

But today, we are going to Osaka which is said to be 35℃...

Off to hottish hot Osaka...…

.the moment we alight the bullet train, we were welcomed by the hot air...

”Osaka is hot...( ̄Д  ̄●;)”

But hey I was lucky to have met Kawashima (Ku-chan)

from Yaseibakudan (TN: Comedian Duo) and Asian Babazono on the train.


Work starts!! Today I had my plastic hair too..

I wonder when will you guys get to see...

Anyway, it was a hot 1st. day at Osaka.


(188th day of 2016)

Today is TISSOT`s first flagship shop opening event in Japan.

Hope the opening event will turn out wonderful on a skyblue summer-like weather today.

【TISSOT Boutique Shinsaibashi】

Since TISSOT opened its first boutique in the heart of New York Times Square, followed by Switzerland Zermatt in 2015, Japan is their 3rd boutique in the world.

Yesterday we had the pleasure to spend some good time appreciating the watches displayed in the shop.

There are just so many great looking watches...

Everyone, do come down to the shop when you have the time to take a look.

And then, even though it was a very short opening event, to those who came, thank you very much.

Today`s Osaka is hot as usual, and I hope you could spend some peaceful moment.

And I, alone went to buy Akafuku and left back to Kanagawa.


(189th day of 2016)

This morning, I woke up very early for EURO 2016

A match between Protugal VS Wales...

Ronaldo and Bale who were from the same team had to compete against one another as a representative...

Portugal has maintained strength...

it's like, those who should accomplish it, will get it done for sure.

Wales had been great, but they just missed it by a small step...

Today was hothothot since morning...

And I was at the The Embassy of the United States since early morning... for Visa interview...

My sweat couldn't stop as I was in the line...

After the interview was done without any problem, I went home for a while.

Ryousuke was in the house, and I gave spoiltchild Ryousuke a soda pop before I leave the house again.

There was so much travelling today and unfortunately the whole had been extremely hot...


(190th day of 2016)

Today is not bread day but Friday.

Today I had peanut cream and hazelnut cream spread on the bread I received


Delicioussssssss!!! Soft and Crispy.

This bread was made by a bakery from Osaka.. how envious... thanks for the treat!

Really thank you very much.

And then, I also had bread that were left "sleeping" in the fridge.

I had so much bread today.

Bread is so delicious...

Today is 8℃ lower than yesterday...

Cant believe that yesterday was above 35℃

\( ̄ Д  ̄ ●;)ノ gabi-n...

can melt....


(191th day of 2016)

It has been raining till evening today.

The temperature wasn't as high either...

Even though it has been raining the whole day, when it came close to 7pm,

although I was in the house, I could feel it,

the sky had turned pink.

As I went up the rooftop, the sky was painted in vivid color.

Dawn has opened up the rainy clouds curtain, and brought night to us.



(192nd day of 2016)

Today I woke up at 2am

(゜- ゜●)”

from then, I couldn't get myself back to sleep, and I took a 5:30am train for work...

Today was by bicycle...

The morning air was cool...

If only it could stay this way...But I guess its going to turn hot by noon...

Today, I was in a building till evening,

This is it!! Drink 'Real Gold Works' and fight!!

Work went well as we are accompanied by the warm air...

On my way home, the temperature did go down...

and.. yes. our work ended fine.

To all the staff...

Thank you so much for working with us under such warm weather.

And... on my way home... hot

(´ д`;●)”

But the evening sky on my way home after past 6

was in brilliantly vivid color.

And the sun sets today too...

A week of new voices could be heard,

to everyone around the world, you guys have worked hard.

I hope you have had a peaceful week..

A new week has started.

I hope you guys could spend a new week, just as usual, feeling calm and peaceful everyday, every moment.

I hope the gentle wind will blow so ever softly into your heart.

Don't worry, things will be fine, all will turn out well

The wind blew..

Lets feel it...

Lets live!!! \(゜Д ゜●)”

【May the rain falling in thick drops to the earth, wash out hatred and resentment in the hearts...

I wish the gentle wind will carry warm smiles all around the world...】

Don't let the warmth and life fight turn out the wind.

【I hope this week too, that each step you make will bring you to tomorrow, to a week of calmness】

To a new week...

Bye ya!!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Kindly translated by: Ray Y. (Thanks a lot!)

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