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Scarier than Specters

I went to see the Exhibition,“Dai-Yokai Ten” (From Eery to Endearing: Yōkai in the Arts of Japan)

Specters considered to be scary are so cute and I was excited to see them.

Here are especially adorable specters among them.

And I went see the movie “Futari no Togenkyo” (TN: The Movie features a couple living in the mountain area with no electricity or running water, supported by their family. It's based on a Documentary TV series, which followed the couple for 25 years) .

I was moved by love between the couple in a film. It was a great movie.

I often have a pleasant time at the movie theater, “Pole Pole Higashinakano”.

Well, one type of oil I usually use is organic olive oil, and the other is rapeseed oil. Now, I’m trying various types and can’t yet say “it’s best!”

I select the Oil based on whether chemical substances (petroleum substances) are used for it's extraction or not.

I choose non-genetically modified and pesticide-free oil.

Genetically modified crops are available to consumers in Japan as processed food.

These have been grown by using stronger pesticide.

If the TPPA is signed, more and more genetically modified crops will be expected to enter the Japanese market, where many people has little interest in environmental issues.

They are grown on a trial basis, not still for commercial purpose in Japan. But preparations for commercialization have been underway.

We’ve been consuming too much pesticides as government’s policy after World War II. The largest amount of pesticide usage per unit area is in Japan.

We’ve continued to cause soil pollution and marine pollution. It has been supported by the entire nation.

We cannot definitely say that because different kinds of crops have been grown in each country.

But, unless we revise the wrong assumption that crops are damaged by insects without use of pesticides, we can’t break the vicious circle.

And compared to other countries, ratio of open pollinated vegetable seems to be low.

Certain retailer requested a farmer to switch to F1 seed (single generation) giving as reason, that “Consumers do not care about the seeds" . When I heard that story, I felt so sad.

Having options to choose what I eat, I want to place an importance on my choice from now on.

In order not to become the culprit to damage the environment.

What is good for the environment and other creatures is also great to human being.

What goes around comes around.

Earth is becoming more contaminated and pollutants affect human health.

What we get will be passed down from generation to generation and will appear prominently.

If we don’t realize it is our problem, and not somebody else's, it’ll become harder to get it back.

If as many people as possible show the interest before it’s too late, there may still be hope.

I jumped from one topic to another. Sorry, I kept talking about what I want to say.

When I soaked the vegetables in a copper bowl the other day, it was beautiful.


Hayato Uchiyama

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Kindly translated by: Kazumi (Thanks a lot!)

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