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Familiar views

Somewhere, on a connecting train station, on the way back home from the Airport. Sipping Soba Noodles at a Station Stand, shoulder-on-shoulder with office workers, early morning. After eating, walking home pulling my luggage; lots of people going in different directions, despite of being early morning at 6:00. Rubbing my sleepy eyes, feels as my feet find their way by their own will. Thinking ‘what is it there, on the road just outside home?’ I ended up at a summer Event:

Radio Gymnastics.

The Cable car running through the middle of the road extending from the sea towards the hills in San Francisco. It’s a fresh and curious view for us, but natural and familiar for locals.

You can encounter unexpected views and events when you go abroad, but the radio gymnastics and the taste of Soba in my mouth as I came back from San Francisco are natural and familiar to me.

These, for me familiar things, made from my hot and humid rainy season morning, a very happy one.


Yusuke Morisawa

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