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Olympic Rehearsals

Bom dia Rio!! (Good Morning Rio, in Portuguese)

Good Morning in many, many languages.


It is the start of a new week.

Is everyone viewing the Olympics too…?

I am for sure watching it.

This week has been another profound week for the Olympics,

With lots of spectacular moments…

【It’s the timezone-lag Olympic (/ ω `●)”】


(221st day of 2016)

It’s a new week starting off with Monday.

I woke up early this morning again

To watch Judo and Table Tennis in the Olympics…Today, amidst the heated energy of competition,

I could feel the warm air pass on by.

Still, the plaza under the sunshine is undeniably hot, As the cicadas cheerfully keep on crying.

Even though the wind that blows fells good…

With the sunlight, the sun is so bright,

And in this heat, only my face gets burned in this suit…

My face looks red like a drunk… it sores…

Let us all do our best tomorrow!!


(222nd day of 2016)

This morning, I woke up at 2am,

And being unable to sleep,

I started my long day.

A hot Tuesday, being 37℃/98°F.

My body keeps on sweating over and over…

Although the wind blew yesterday…Today, there is no wind, so it’s a breezeless heat...

Again today is another rehearsal for the live event,

With only so much time left until it…

Rehearsing one time everyday.


(223rd day of 2016)

I had woken up at 2am again last night,

However, I did my best to sleep well too.

I presume it was a deep sleep with a lot of dreams...

This morning I woke up at 5am to see the Canoe competition.

It’s a difficult competition where you go against the current, while weaving between the poles…

It’s a difficult yet cool competition…

The flowing man-made river… Seeing it gave me this refreshing feeling.

Today, I cut off my front hair which had grown to my chin...

I thought that even if it grew long, my hair would be easy to set up, but…

I needed to put it up into a topknot like a Samurai

Or else it would get in the way, So I had no choice… clean cut.

Lately…I’ve been addicted to the taste of Egg Tofu and Tabasco.

Compared to yesterday, the temperature has lowered…

But it is nonetheless a hot Wednesday for me, So let’s go find some wind!


(224th day of 2016)

I woke again at 2am this morning…

Yet, I did my best to sleep again and woke up at 5am instead.

Another day, where the Olympics is the start of my day…Finalists for the Women’s 70kg (154) and Men’s 90kg (198) Judo,

The Women’s team won the gold medal they sought for,

But even the other medalists have such beautiful smiles.The Men’s team also won gold, but the silver medalist On the other hand, had his head hung low, showing how upset he was…

But regardless of the medal they received, I believe it’s amazing to see them compete with honesty,

On that magnificent stage.

And there are also the refugee athletes, Who struggle even during the Olympics…I’ve received so much warm feelings from so many people…

Today, I was at Meguro and now in Shibuya…

At both places, we did our rehearsal.

And there are so many people on their way home..

So today must be a holiday (Mountain Day) \(´д`●|||)”

And there are those who are on vacation already...

Shibuya today is once again a sea of people and a jungle of heat…

And since my eyes have been feeling hazy today, so…

Wearing sunglasses. (I’m not Master Roshi… Ha hah)


(225th day of 2016)